Sts. Joachim and Anna Orthodox Church
San Antonio, Texas
Saturday, October 16
Vespers at 5:00 PM
followed by confessions (see below).

Sunday, October 17
Divine Liturgy at 9:30 AM.
Hours at 9:15 AM.

17th Sunday after Pentecost: Hieromartyr Hierotheus

Please note: Confessions before Liturgy will no longer be routine, but reserved only for those who must travel a great distance. Pre-liturgy confessions have been an expediency due to lack of Vespers services. Now that we will regularly serve Vespers again, plan to come to that service and make your confession following. If you need confession at another time, feel free to contact me.
Hieromartyer Hierotheus
Sts. Joachim and Anna Orthodox Church
6858 Oxford Trace
(In use while under construction)
San Antonio, TX 78240
210-960-0909 Office

Dear Friends in Christ,

 I want to tell you how delighted I have been and thankful for all of you who have been faithfully attending on Saturdays and Sundays in spite of the unfinished state of the new church. It is truly a testimony to your faithfulness and love for the Church.
Thank you all again for your generosity and perseverance!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Christopher


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News and Events

Saturday, Oct. 16th
Vespers at 5:00pm followed by confessions.

Sunday, Oct. 17th
Divine Liturgy at 9:30am preceded by 3d and 6th Hours at 9:15am.

17th Sunday after Penticost:
Hieromartyer Hierotheus.


Fr. Christopher Allen elevated to Archpriest at Holy Protection Cathedral in Des Plaines, IL.
(see link at minute 53)


A Guide to Proper Church Etiquette