Sts. Joachim and Anna Orthodox Church
San Antonio, Texas
News and Events

Holy Week Services 2019

Saturday, April 20
Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy
9:30 AM

Vespers for Palm Sunday
5:00 PM

Sunday, April 21
Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy
9:30 AM
Bridegroom Matins for Holy Monday - 6:30 PM

Monday, April 22

Bridegroom Matins of Holy Tuesday - 6:30 PM

Tuesday, April 23

Bridegroom Matins of Holy Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Wednesday, April 24

Holy Unction - 6:30 PM

Thursday, April 25

Great and Holy Thursday:
Vesperal Divine Liturgy
of St. Basil the Great - 9:30 AM

Matins of Holy Friday with the 12 Passion Gospels - 6:30 PM

Friday, April 26

Great and Holy Friday:
Vespers of Holy Friday
("Burial Vespers") - 1:00 PM

Matins of Holy Saturday with the Praises - 7:00 PM

Reading of the Psalter throughout the night.
Volunteers will sign up for 1-2 hour blocks.

Saturday, April 27

Vesperal Liturgy of Great and Holy Saturday - 9:30 AM
Nocturnes/Midnight Office
11:30 PM

Sunday, April 28

PASCHA: Paschal Matins followed by Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 12:01 AM

The blessing of the baskets and parish feast will follow.


Paschal (Agape) Vespers - 3:00 PM

Akathist to the Mother of God Nurture of Children.
First Friday of each month at 10:00 PM.